There really is no limit to where and how you can use custom decals and stickers. Your imagination is literally the only thing holding you back from creating incredible, multicolored, long-lasting vinyl stickers. Let the world know exactly who you are and what you are about.

Custom Decals is Our Specialty

Here at High Altitude Decals we have a wide variety of “ready to go” stickers and decals for you to browse. We also specialize in custom sticker production, and you can choose one color or multicolor designs, specify the size, shape and design you are looking for. Alternatively, just give us a rough outline and let our talented graphic designers blow you away with their skills.

You can use stickers for promotional and marketing purposes, share them with the world, or decorate your room. How about creating your own one-of-a-kind design for that car club, pool league or dart team. Soccer moms can display their pride with decals and bumper stickers that announce their love for coffee. Got an ‘A’ student? Yep, we can help you with showing it off. Want to remind people that “Stacy’s mom, she’s got it going on?” Who are we to disagree?

Since we are a small “mom and pop” shop located in Grand Junction, CO, we don’t have the huge overhead to worry about. We don’t employ a large staff, spend tons of money on advertising, or rent an expensive retail location. We already own all of our state-of-the-art equipment, so you don’t end up paying extra for our expenses. All you pay for is the perfect decal or sticker to highlight your mood or decorate your ride. We work for your satisfaction.

Every Sticker is Important to Us

We don’t care if you simply want a set of spoke decals for your motorcycle or you need 10,000 vinyl decals or bumper stickers. If you need to raise money for a worthy cause or charitable organization, we’re here to help you. We love what we do, and that means each and every job gets our utmost attention and dedication to detail.

You can stop by our Facebook Page, Instagram, or check out our portfolio if you want to see some of our past creations. After you receive your sticker order from us, take some pictures of the finished product and we will be happy to display them. We show them on Facebook and Instagram alongside other pics our awesome customers have sent in.

Business Decals and Stickers

Don’t think vinyl decals and stickers are just for fun and self-expression. You can improve your bottom line as a business owner. You can get the right message across using the professional stickers we produce. We can help you with point-of-sale media, and our decals can be placed on windows, mirrors, desks, outdoor signs or just about any other surface. Where do you want to advertise your business? Yep, we can do that.

If you want to make an impression that sticks (sorry, couldn’t help myself there), our customized labels, vinyl signs, logo stickers and decals get the job done.

Just contact us and describe what you need. We can get together at a time that is convenient for you and go over what you have in mind. Before you turn to a corporate-owned shop for any of your needs, you owe it to your wallet to get in touch with us.

We live and work in the Grand Junction area. We went into the stickers and decals business because of our love for art and self-expression. Think of stickers as tattoos for the things you own. However, unlike tattoos, you can replace them at any time. Tired of that old design? No problem, and there are no painful needles involved.

All right, enough yammering on about us.

At High Altitude Decals, you are important as are your designs, your ideas, and your creations. Let us help you. Tell us what you need, and we promise the best quality decals and stickers, at the best prices around.