Custom Sticker Production: A Dream Come True

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custom sticker production from rad designers
Credit: NY Photographic
License: Creative Commons 3.0

Your next custom sticker production experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The key is in finding someone just like yourself, someone who “gets” what you are trying to do. I’m not saying you have to look, think, dress or act like the sticker designer you hire. But they should be able to communicate with you effectively so that both of you are on the same page. When this happens, and you see the finished product, your mind is blown (in a positive way), you hear invisible angels singing, fireworks shoot off in the sky, and the world is a beautiful place.

Do you really expect that kind of result from a custom sticker production job when you head down to the office supply? The person behind the counter has a dozen jobs they do every day, if not more. Their radio or phone is going off. They are dealing with 3 customers at once, and the only thing on their mind is lunch.

That might be a little too harsh.

A lot of the employees at big box office supply locations and sign stores really work hard to make you happy. The problem is their training is minimal. Employee turnover is extremely high at these types of places. And if you’ve never worked at a retail store, the hours and the constant pressure from customers absolutely suck the life from you.

What do you want in your custom sticker?

Do you want someone who is underpaid and under-appreciated? Do you want someone already looking for another job? Would you really want them to handle your custom sticker job?

I’m thinking the answer is a resounding no! We take our time with you. And you work with the same person on your project until it is finished and you’re happy.

We are not running around a huge store with customers pulling us here and there. There aren’t 10 things we’re trying to do at once. We don’t have weekly or monthly sales quotas to meet, and we enjoy every minute of talking with you. Our goal is to help you in transferring the design in your mind to a custom vinyl decal.

Don’t get me wrong.

Big box office supply stores and “all in one” printing shops definitely have their place. But wouldn’t you rather feel like you are the only customer that matters, rather than having to take a number and wait in line? That’s the kind of friendly, one-on-one experience you enjoy here at High Altitude Decals.

We can make custom stickers for business applications, vinyl stickers and decals, design logos, window decals, help you design your own bumper stickers, and create decals and stickers that you can put on just about any surface. For your next custom sticker production job, you can’t get better quality at an attractive price than when you do business with us, and we work for your satisfaction.