Logo Design Myths, Tips & Best Practices

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Myths, Tips and Practices of Logo Design
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Logo design services abound aplenty, and it’s easy to be misled. If you are shopping around such services, there are a few things you should know. There are a lot of half-truths, myths, tips and best practices to keep in mind before you have a logo designed.

Vinyl Decals Not Stickers

Vinyl wall decals are not stickers. There are plenty of uneducated employees at the big name office supply shops. They probably don’t realize the difference between a sticker and vinyl decal. Vinyl decals are for logo application on your wall. Stickers look cheaper. They are more temporary. They tend to curl up around the corners, and they can bubble up when you apply them. The same is not true of quality vinyl wall decals and logos.

How to Remove Vinyl Decals

One of the more popular logo design services is sticker production. Concerning vinyl wall decals for your logo, there are a few removal tips you should keep in mind. A best practice here is to work slowly and use a hairdryer to heat the edge. Lift the edge when the vinyl begins to feel warm to the touch and move the hairdryer in the direction you are peeling.

Vinyl Decals for Many Surfaces

A decades old myth concerning decals is that they are only for walls. This just isn’t true. Quality vinyl decals allow you to express yourself just about anywhere. Our logo design services include the creation of decals that stick to painted wood, drywall, plastic, Formica, glass and steel. You can even apply them to painted plaster, though you will probably need to apply heat to assist in that application.

One-on-One Service

One important tip to remember is that all companies offering logo design services are not the same. Smaller companies, like ours, work with you on a one-on-one basis. We do nothing but sticker and decal design because that is our specialty, and we guarantee to strive for your satisfaction. We offer the best prices for the highest quality work and are some of the most talented graphic artists in Grand Junction, CO.

Secrets of Logo Design

Here is a 5-point tip most logo design services won’t share with you. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell them that I told you that they won’t tell you this! For your logo to effectively represent your company and your brand it must be: 1) simple, 2) memorable, 3) enduring, 4) relevant to your brand message, and 5) versatile enough to work across a variety of applications and mediums.

Take Suggestions, But Remember Your Brand

Another best practice to remember when shopping for logo design services has to do with your opinion. If you have a specific logo in mind, stick by your guns. Do not let a designer change your mind about the logo that is going to be representing your business. It makes sense to heed any suggestions or tips an experienced designer shares with you about production, but not to the point of drastically changing your dream logo. This is especially true since you are paying for it, and you have to live with it.