Tips for Using Promotional Stickers

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promotional stickers can support sales

Credit: Alan Cleaver
License: Creative Commons 2.0

Promotional stickers and decals are perfect for fundraisers. There are excellent for any type of promotional event or purpose for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are less expensive than some other traditional fund-raising and promotional products. Secondly, we can make them as unique as you desire. Everybody and their brother uses cookie dough, candy bars and the other “same as everyone else” fund-raising and promotional products.

When you use vinyl stickers to promote an event or raise money for a worthy cause, you set yourself apart from all other promotions. Also, you can incorporate logos and text onto your stickers. Try doing that with a candy bar. Now that you know that vinyl stickers are perfect for your next fundraiser or promotional event, practice the following tips to get the most bang for your buck, and make your promotion a success.

Getting the Most from Promotional Stickers

Design something original. Take some time to come up with an original sticker design. Incorporate the message you are trying to send and make your sticker unique and memorable. Spending a little extra time in the design process means a better response and a successful promotion.

Don’t rush the process. You need to leave enough time before you launch your fundraiser or promotion to allow for sticker design, ordering, production and delivery. Every promotion is different, so there is no standard amount of time you should allow. Just plan ahead, and you’ll be fine.

Check out the competition. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. If you promote an annual church bake sale, go to other bake sales throughout the year. There is nothing wrong with getting smart ideas from your competition.

Go for the emotional jugular. Your promotional stickers should appeal to passionate emotions. If your sticker just says “I Love the Lions”, someone when seeing it doesn’t know if you are expressing your support for the local high school team or if you just like the Kings of the Jungle. Aside from being ambiguous, there is nothing to get fired up about on that sticker. Make sure your sticker design is colorful, and uses text that engages on an emotional level.

Consider offering a limited supply. People respond when they think something is scarce. Advertise a strictly limited supply of 500 or 1,000 stickers, and keep your audience informed with a running tally of how many are left. Scarcity is a proven marketing tactic that can ensure your promotion or fundraiser with stickers is successful every time.