Vinyl Decal Care in 5 Simple Tips

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vinyl decal care
Credit: Aqua Mechanical
License: Creative Commons 2.0

Vinyl decal care is essential if you want long-lasting good looks for your sticks. You’ll need to clean them if you want that shine to last. This raises the question of how to clean and apply proper vinyl decal care. The following tips will help you best care for your stickers, so they look as fresh as the day you applied them for as long as possible.

Wipe Them Down Regularly

If your stickers are seeing the light of day, they are also coming into contact with dirt, debris, grime and other airborne nastiness. Develop a pattern of wiping them down on a regular basis with a soft sponge or cloth and some water. This doesn’t allow the buildup of foreign particles that speeds up the degradation of your sticker.

Start with the Right Vinyl

Use the right kind of vinyl in the first place. We have you covered there. We only use high-quality vinyl and never get the cheap stuff. The vinyl stock we use for all our sticker conforms properly on installation and has the longest durability rating available.

Keep Them Out of the Sun

The sun’s rays will eventually degrade the colors on your stickers over time. This is not something that happens in the short term. However, after years of exposure to the sun, even the best grade vinyl stickers are due to suffer from color fading. Limit the amount of time your stickers have ultraviolet rays from the sun beating down on them and you extend the life of your stickers.

Prepare the Surface Before Applying

This vinyl sticker care tip is all about proper preparation. Using a mild liquid soap, clean the surface area where you are applying the sticker. Steer clear of products like Windex, as they can leave a residues and other cleaning fluids. When the sticker target area is properly cleaned, you reduce the amount of care and attention your stickers are going to need down the road.

Don’t be Afraid to Wax

Vinyl decal care can definitely include a little waxing. It is okay to wax over the stripes and graphics you put on your vehicle. As a matter of fact, it is recommended. Don’t use an electronic buffer though! Just use your favorite car wax and wax gently over your stickers by hand. Using a liquid wax keeps chalky white buildup from collecting around the edges of your sticker.